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Olga, 15-year-old gymnast, is torn between Switzerland - where she is training for the European Championship in preparation for the Olympics - and Ukraine, where her mother is a journalist. She struggles with new teammates who resent her presence, the enormous pressure she puts on her own body, and the political complexities of international sport that only exacerbate when her home country of Ukraine is plunged into the 2014 revolution. 

Winner of the SACD Award (writing award new authors) at Cannes Critics’ Week, Olga is the dynamic and physical first feature from French filmmaker Elie Grappe.  

Switzerland’s submission for the Best International Feature Film Academy Award. 

Presented by the Consulate General of Switzerland.

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country

    Switzerland, France, Ukraine

  • Director

    Elie Grappe

  • Language

    French, Ukrainian (English subtitles)

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