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True Things

True Things

Kate Perkin, a single woman in her early thirties, works in a benefits office in the English coastal town of Ramsgate. The job is at once tedious and fraught; Kate escapes by googling idyllic holiday locations. A moment of flirtation with a male claimant initially seems like a mere blip in her routine.  

But when the man shows up to meet her at the end of her working day, Kate finds herself propelled headlong into a liaison that displaces every other priority in her life. It starts with blowing off her close friend Alison, who wants nothing more than to fix her up with a nice respectable boyfriend. Then she starts lying to her employer, who already considers her a loose cannon. All to keep impulsive, unpredictable arrangements with a man about whom she knows almost nothing – he is saved in her phone only as ‘Blond’. When the high wears off, so does Blond’s warmth. Is Kate being drawn in, once again, only to be pushed away? 

Ruth Wilson (The Affair) and Tom Burke (The Souvenir) are riveting in this compelling, sexy and jagged romantic drama.

  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Runtime

    102 Mins

  • Director

    Harry Wootliff

  • Language


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